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Bloons Tower Defense 1

We need a help over here! This balloons are about to escape from their cages! Since we can’t hold that balloons and use them to decorate some birthday party just because they want to escape you will have to destroy them before they ran out. There is only one way to escape from this field and we will have to use this fact to settle some defense towers and crush their escape plan. In Bloons tower defence it is very important to choose the spot for your tower wisely because the tower has certain shooting radius and that shooting radius should obtain as much balloon passing track as it can. The next step you should take care about is picking which defense tower you will use and where. We must mention that how the rounds go by the balloons are becoming stronger and stronger and for them you will need stronger towers with bigger damage. If you are tired from bloons there are other tower defense games you can play like Cursed Treasure.

In Bloons Tower Defense 1 every tower can be upgraded but it will cost you money. By upgrading defense towers you are unlocking some special ability for that tower which may be from big help in completing your task. Try to win as many rounds as you can and prove yourself as a perfect strategy gamer. You will lose this game when you will let more than 40 balloons to escape. We truly hope that’s not going to happen. The controls for Balloon Tower Defense 1 couldn’t be simpler than this. You will have to use only your mouse to navigate and actions through the game. Give it a try and see how far you will reach in this game. Also you can play with your friend parallel on two devices and see who possesses better gaming skills. Good luck and have fun while playing this awesome game on our site. Show the balloons who’s the boss!