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Bloons tower Defense 2

This is the second part of the world known strategy flash game named Bloons Tower Defense. We must mention the fact that his game is played all over the world and no matter it is adult person, teenager or a child. This game absolutely brings fun to all genres. You can play this game even if you do not have played the first part. We must confess that they are pretty similar expect some additional defense weapons. The task is very simple. You will have to place defense towers to neutralize all of the balloons that want to escape. They have only one route to pass through their escape gate. You will have to position your towers very wisely. Your defense towers should cover as many of that balloon escape route as you can for better success of this task.

In Bloons Tower Defense 2 except the defense towers, you will have additional useful tools to use to successfully finish your task. Use spikes to neutralize 10 balloons when defense towers can handle it. Another useful thing that you can use to stop the balloons in their act is the glue. The glue will help you to slow up to 20 balloons dramatically. While they are slowed your defense towers may easily neutralize them if they are in range. Give it a try.

The controls are pretty simple and there is nothing that you should be worried in that section of this game. You will need only a mouse to play this amazingly fun game. Prove everyone that you possess the right skills for this game and that you are one amazing gamer by reaching as far as you can in this game. Good luck and have fun while playing this unique flash game and we hope that you will like it.