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Bloons tower Defense 3

This is the third part of the very worldwide famous game named Bloons Tower Defense. In this third part the balloons have the same plan for escape and we will need to stop them in their act. It seems that they are in pretty large number or they are producing themselves in some way. And, how the round goes by they are becoming even stronger, faster and tougher. You will have the same task like in the other parts. If you have not played first and second part, hereís what you should do. You will need to place some defense towers to neutralize all those balloons that want to escape from you. You will have to stop them doing their act.

There are many different defense towers that you can use to fulfill your objective. All you need to care in Bloons Tower Defense 3 is to place them in good spot. By good spot itís meant that you should place the defense tower to cover as much balloons passing route as it is possible. Beside the towers, you can use additional special tools that can help you in neutralizing these balloons. You can place spikes on the passing route and neutralize up to 10 balloons. Another additional tool that may help you is the glue. Use the glue to slower up the balloons. The pineapple tool is something like a bomb. Thereís a counter and after 3 seconds it will explode and release huge amount of damage in that area. Give it a try and see how much successful you will be.

The controls are pretty simple and you will not find any problems in that section of this game for sure. You can easily play and navigate through this game just by using your mouse. Good luck and have fun while playing this amazing flash game on this site and we hope that you will have an impressive results at the end of the game.