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Bloons tower Defense 4

Another amazing part from Bloons Tower Defense flash game has arrived. In this amazing part you task will be the same and you will have to show your amazing gaming and strategy skills and knowledge to win it successfully. The balloons have the same escape play in this part. They want to escape from you no matter what. But, in this part we have designed some new defense towers that you can use for neutralizing these balloons. You will have to take care when you are placing them on some spot. You will have to place them on spot that covers as much passing route as it is possible. After you placed the tower you will get some cash for every balloon you have stopped in their act and for every survived round. Do not let more than 200 balloons to escape otherwise you will lose the challenge.

After you have made some cash, you can use that cash to upgrade your towers. You can upgrade their damage, range or adding some special abilities that will make your defense stronger. In Bloons Tower Defense 4 as the rounds goes by the balloons are stronger and faster. Beside defense towers, you can use some special tools that you will unlock by completing some round successfully. You can use the spikes that you will unlock for placing them on the route which will help you to neutralize up to 10 balloons. Also there is a tool named pineapple. You can use the pineapple, which is actually something very similar to bomb, by placing them on the balloon passing route and it will explode after 3 seconds and release a huge amount of damage. Take this challenge see how far will you reach.

The controls are pretty simple and there is nothing that can make you a problem. You will have to use only a mouse to play this game. There are instructions for every action in-game. Give it a try. We wish good luck while you are battling those balloons and we hope that you will have some great and fun time spent on this amazing flash game. Another game related to this one is the puppet soccer 2014 game.