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Bloons tower Defense 5

Welcome to the last part of the worldwide famous strategy flash game Balloons Tower Defense 5. In this amazing part you will have the same task that you will have to complete and prove use once again why you deserve to be pronounced as the best and the smartest gamer on this site. We know that you possess the right skills for this game and that you will finish it in a record time.

This new game has very unique graphics and amazing sound effects that you simply must feel when you start playing this game. Your task is the same. You will have to neutralize all of those balloons that are trying in every possible way to escape from you. You will have to use a variety of defense towers to neutralize them before they reach the escape gate. By neutralizing the balloons you are getting some cash that you can use to build or upgrade new towers. By upgrading towers you can make the tower with stronger damage, bigger range or sometime you will buy some special ability that will help you for sure. Beside the defense towers you can use additional tools like the spikes or the pineapple. You can place spikes on the balloons passing route to neutralize up to 11 balloons. The pineapple is something like a bomb. After you place it on the passing route it will explode after 3 seconds and deal a huge amount of damage.

As the rounds go by the balloons will be faster and stronger and you will have to set your defense strategy very carefully. Every track has 50 rounds. After you successfully pass these 50 rounds you will get some cash based on which difficulty level it is. That cash you can use later when you finish the track for upgrading the towers that you will later in battle, buying some special agents etc. Every action in this has its own instructions so you will not find any problems for sure. The controls are also very simple to use. You will need only a mouse to maneuver through the game. Give it a try. We hope that you will have a great time while playing this awesome and unique flash game on this site. If you got bored from our website you can also play infiltrating the airship.